Covered Bridges

A307 fasteners are commonly used in covered bridge restorations. Covered bridges often require galvanized, headed bolts and tie-rods. These jobs are typically federally funded, requiring 100% USA melted and manufactured fasteners.  Although most readily available A307A fasteners are imported, Portland Bolt specializes in manufacturing custom, domestic fasteners for covered bridges.

Marine applications

A307 is a common specification used for marine applications. Piers, marinas, concrete floats, wood floats, bollards, rubber, and wooden fenders all require fasteners that must be hot-dip galvanized. The most common marine fasteners used are timber bolts, hex bolts, carriage bolts, and float rods.

Pipe Flange

Pipe flanges are collars that connect sections of pipe to create one continuous unit. The sizes, shapes, and materials can vary depending on the application. A307 Grade B fasteners are typically used in these applications and are sometimes sold in kits with the quantities of bolts, nuts, and washers matching the gaskets for the specific flange. Waterworks, petrochemical, and process industries are all common applications for pipe flanges.

Anchoring mechanisms

Although A307 Grade C has been replaced by F1554 Grade 36, it is still able to be manufactured on a per-order basis if the project requires it. Anchor bolts are embedded into concrete to anchor something to the foundation. There are many different uses for anchor bolts including, but not limited to bridges, steel buildings, light rail, light poles, substations, solar structures, and water storage tanks.

Generic application use

Because A307 is one of the most common, generic fastener specifications available, the uses for these fasteners are limitless. They can be used in all sorts of generic applications such as home construction, for power and energy, in government projects, industrial projects, and beyond.